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how bout some assorted lins looking to the left

I was trying to think of why she wouldn’t be in the trailer today and like maybe it’s spoiler related??  What if she retires for real and moves to zaofu….. I really hope she doesn’t I want her to be an old ass chief of police in Republic City but there would be some consolation in that the new armor looks rad as hell (I mean her regular armor is great but dammit I love pauldrons also those gloves with the white palms omg).  And different hair cos erryone got different hair

Rest are from random sketch files over the past few weeks.  Dude I can totally see Lin being super well behaved disciplined kid despite Toph not enforcing anything, but the one area she would take advantage is just eating whatever she wanted so chub babby lin 

Also love how different Lin and Su’s earthbending styles are.  Su is like Ty Lee if she was an earthbender and Lin is just like as graceful as someone shotputting a cinderblock.


ngl it makes me really happy lin and su are in their hogwarts house colors in the show


and yes those are their houses suyin is an excellent slytherin and lin is basically the huflepuffiest hufflepuff to ever huffle.  lin would play keeper and su would be a seeker.  lin would be prefect every year she could but not head girl, suyin would never be a prefect but would get head girl 7th year.

also bumi would have been gryffindor, kya gryffindor or ravenclaw, tenzin would be the other hufflepuff prefect

katekari asked:

Had a suuuuper crap day. Just spent, no kidding, about 12 minutes staring at that Lin/Bumi drawing you made. I swear my blood pressure dropped like a stone. You got any more Lin sketches kicking around? Maaaaaaaybe you post them plz?


aw yay haha. 

and i have so many lin sketches that the only reason i haven’t posted more is because it literally takes me too long to organize them into a postable format because if i post things individually it would be a total flood and a lot of them are sequentials that go together

hmm how about lin and tenzin contemplating a work of fine art

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